Deanna Collins is an artist and graphic designer residing and working in central Massachusetts. Armed with an A.S. in Applied Arts (Computer Graphic Design) and a B.A. in Art Studio (concentration in Graphic Design, minor in Art History), she seeks to take the New England design world by storm. Resume is available by request.

XandriteStudio is the identity used by Ms. Collins here on the interwebs. After all, she wouldn’t want you to think she was a different Deanna! Oh no, we can’t have that! There’s a short story behind it – her birthstone is alexandrite, so just pronounce it as if you were talking about the stone but leave off the “ale.”

You may look at this website and think, “Why are there so many different categories to her portfolio?” The answer is simple – Deanna loves to create, and she is not just limited to design. Her creativity likes adventure and has visited such media as oil, charcoal, acrylic, digital photography, ink, graphite, colored pencils, digital illustration, and even sewing and crocheting. Who knows, perhaps this flooding of creativity will be useful in your design projects!

Click here to visit the XS Facebook page.


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